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5 July 2006

3 things from the drive

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You might not think it, but commuting 2 hours a day, the driving experience becomes a ritual, an actual, special part of you life. So here are 3 random things I noticed, and appreciated, on the way to work.

1) VW Thing.
If you’re not a car nut, or if you don’t viciously follow the new season of Pimp My Ride, you don’t know what a Thing is (In a recent episode, X pimps out a needy girl’s Thing. That’s just not a good sentence is it?). The Thing’s sorta like a VW Beetle built up into a Jeep. A pretty rare car. Appreciated for it’s ugly looks. You know that game, Punch Buggies? Where you get to punch someone if you see a Beetle and call “punch buggy” before anyone else sees it? Well seeing a Thing on the road, if I had a passenger, I could have knocked him the fuck out.

2) Walking to work
I saw this hot Asian woman power walking to work in her business clothes, crabby because of the heat and sweating her blouse off. I know the 19th century must have been bad and all, but even wearing business formal clothing these days is a huge pain. If it’s hot and muggy enough to make you sweat at 8 in the morning, something is wrong with your clothing. I’d rather drive an hour to work than walk 10 mins in a suit.

3) Potholes
I’m still getting used to the route to and from work. On the first leg of my morning drive, when I’m still groggy, there’s a lot of potholes. I’ve tried my best to memorize them so I can avoid them, and thus save my tires and suspension (before I pumped it over the weekend, the front left tire was down to 27 psi, from a recommended 40. Weird.) Today, I reached a milestone by successfully remembering and avoiding the first three.

miscellaneous notes

As you might guess from my screenname, I am a fan of various hip hop and rap music. I dunno if it’s Clear Channel or what, but my local hip hop station sucks. I’m pretty sure there’s only 8 or so songs. Let’s see: It’s Goin Down, Me & U, Snap Yo Fingaz, that Chris Brown song, that Ciara song, occasionally, U And Dat, and rarely, that Sean Paul song. Mostly, it’s the first four. I could use some variety. Anyways, I heard what I thought was the intro to a new song today, and it turned out to be a hook into a talking section for the crew. If you were driving beside me, you’da seen me pounding on my wheel for the next minute in anger, yelling at the station.

I play Guitar Hero. No big deal, it’s fun and an interesting brain game. What’s a little lame is that I’m into the game enough that, when I was flipping stations to get away from 8-song-hip-hop-station, I ran into Take Me Out, and it was on the bridge of the song, and I actually started finger the “notes” for that part of the song.


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