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31 July 2006

murphy’s law strikes and strikes again

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The other day, when I was building stuff and didn’t have anything to do for like 10 minutes, I decided to troll some of my favorite forums. No big deal. Wsan’t going to waste too much time. BAM my boss walks in and asks me what I’m up to. Embarassing, but I thought that’d be the last of it.

Today, for the 15 minutes or so I was calling Comcast about a statement, I got a call from my dad about sending the money to buy my new car. And BAM, boss walks through the lounge.

Might as well as for the performance review right now.


30 July 2006

what’s old is always new again

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Holy shit, I just found out an old game I was always dying to play from back in the day has come back to life in the form of a cell phone game. Damn, this thing used to require MS DOS; now you can play it on a phone? Times change.

27 July 2006

minor peeve

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Our site is split into two buildings, the one where I work, and the one where they have the bigger foam cups. They’re like a 5 minute walk apart. WTF. I just want a big foam cup to get water with.

23 July 2006

thanking inanimate objects

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I remember reading back in the day an article on Alicia Silverstone (talk about falling off) and how she thanked her toilet paper after wiping, and thinking how fucking weird that was. I caught myself thanking an archived MANIFEST.MF file after I totally clobbered my current one. Now who’s the weird one. Sigh.

22 July 2006

Re: Heidi Klum

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“Heidi Klum is really freaking hot. I missed last night’s episode of Rescue Me, but I’ve liked the season so far.

Hey, have you been reading all these articles about how Ultimate Fighting is going to replace boxing? What do you think?”

My fav part of the show is the black guy reppin the ATL. Yeah, show those pretentious white people. Heidi Klum is also really hot.

MMA is definitely going to replace boxing in America. The marketing has really put it on the up and up. It’s this close to breaking into a more mainstream culture.

21 July 2006

hot asian chick at work

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parked in the same spot as last one, coincidentally.

It’s cute/sad how badly she parked the car. It’s a Focus, not an SUV.

thick phones avenged?

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With a thin phone like the L2, I can’t type and talk at the same time, because it’s too thin to squeeze between my head and my shoulder.

20 July 2006

the reason

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is a terrible, yet terribly catchy Hoobastank song. Well, that’s out of the way.

Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to work. Today though, I got to sit in
on an all-day meeting between us and our research cohorts. There was a lot
of amazing technology shown off, and the discussion really solidified my understanding
of stuff…that I can’t give away. It was awesome — i thought during the meeting,
man, I’d give $100 to attend this thing, and I get to do it for free.
The intent behind that thought was blunted when I realized I earn more than $100 a day.
More than $200. So really, it wouldn’t have cost me that much.
Weird, $100 sure seems like a lot to me.

Listening to all these engineers, researchers, designers, talk about the absolute edge,
it’s definitely got me motivated again. Oh, and the part where I got called out for
being responsible for implementing a missing feature.

On a positive note, I met up with some people I already knew at research,
and hopefully I made a decent impression, and’ll be able to get a job there some day.
AFAIK, the pay is the same for the same class of position, but hey, research is way cool.

19 July 2006

one of life’s great mysteries

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Are there any Asian chicks on Girls Gone Wild?
I’m guessing there’s only one, so they can’t put her in the commercials, or that’d be like false advertising.

18 July 2006

2 cars in the company lot

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One Prius has the vanity plate “58 MPG”. Oh, that’s pretty nice. That must come in handy when you COMMUTE FROM ANOTHER STATE.

Another one is a Pontiac GTO, the new bland one, whose posted highway mileage is 21. And that one is from an even further state. But this I can empathize with, because come on, you can’t just smoke people over 20 miles, you have to do it over at least 50 miles to really enjoy that car.

Bonus: hot chick in parking lot. For real. Like clear line of sight and everything.

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