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9 August 2006

weird face

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In my mind, it’s typical that a girl can have a good profile face, but not look as good from straight on. On room raiders, there was just a girl who looked great from above the plane of her head, but really weird when she tilted her head back and laughed. That’s weird, and definitely a new phenomenon for me to notice.


8 August 2006

behold…the zone of infinite mileage.

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Been driving the car for a few days now. After a bunch of wrangling, and walking away from the tablel, and the usual bitchery with the dealership, I got the car for an all-paid price of 27.5. It was a pretty good dea, but a terrible experiencel. Hopefully, the federal and state tax credits will still be around when I do taxes. That should save me quite a bit.

I’m pretty excited about the hybrid technology. I pay 40-50 on gas per week. This’ll definitely go down, but we’ll have to see by how much. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of getting the most fuel savings out of the car yet. There’s a handy indicator that shows when you’re driving on electric only, and of course, when you give me an inch to save money, I’ll penny-pinch by a mile. Picture me crawling out of every light trying to milk the electric motor for all it’s worth. Yeah when you drive that fuel-conservatively, the car is a total drag. No fun at all. Because the interface makes it blatantly obvious you’re wasting fuel. What a good design trick. Fuel efficiency by guilt-induction technology.

new car features

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The latest thing going on in my life, besides you know, tons of AZN drama or something, is my getting a car. Yeah, I know I already had one, but my parents think I should get my own new car. I agree. It’s hard not to be on their side. I’ve got the 2007 Camry Hybrid scoped out. Hybrid technology aside, the features that are an upgrade from my old car are:

  • electric lumbar support adjuster. This is nice. My back hurts a lot from sitting funny and programming a lot.
  • dual climate control. As if I’ll ever need this. Maybe when I get a really really needy gf. That’d be worse than the princess and the pea. “Hey I need my own climate zone separate from you.”
  • Smart key. I don’t really need a key to approach the car, and I get one of those kewl push buttons instead of a keyhole. This one is pretty convenient.
  • MP3 jack. Such a simple feature, but it’d be so nice to play my music. Instead of Lame Hip Hop Retreads 94.5.
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity. I’m on the fence. I just got a phone with Bluetooth, and I have made a few calls from my car in heavy traffic, but I’m not sure having hands free operation makes it safe to use a phone from my car.
  • soft suspension. On a test drive, this car just ate up the potholes. In my old car, driving around in the city made me feel like the wheels were going to break any minute. Or at least the tires would pop.

So eventually, I did get this car, and I’ll review it next.

2 August 2006

our ancient past

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Our servers all shut down last night because the AC in their room broke. The contractors aren’t doing much for some reason, and are just hanging out beside their van in the parking lot. One intrepid individual has mosied over to the tree line surrounding our lot and is now sitting on a mound of dirt in the shade, to dodge the heat and humidity some. He also occasionally plays with a branch in front of him. Sitting with his arms draped over tented his knees, kowtowing to such a basic survival instinct, nothing reminds me more of our ape-ian simian ancestors.

Crikey, the bugga’s up and about. Roight, let’s follow ‘im and see if ‘e’ll fix that AC!

1 August 2006

black music

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My coworker plays all lame jazz music in his room. It’s pretty bad.
But another coworker plays only black music. Cool.

31 July 2006

murphy’s law strikes and strikes again

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The other day, when I was building stuff and didn’t have anything to do for like 10 minutes, I decided to troll some of my favorite forums. No big deal. Wsan’t going to waste too much time. BAM my boss walks in and asks me what I’m up to. Embarassing, but I thought that’d be the last of it.

Today, for the 15 minutes or so I was calling Comcast about a statement, I got a call from my dad about sending the money to buy my new car. And BAM, boss walks through the lounge.

Might as well as for the performance review right now.

30 July 2006

what’s old is always new again

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Holy shit, I just found out an old game I was always dying to play from back in the day has come back to life in the form of a cell phone game. Damn, this thing used to require MS DOS; now you can play it on a phone? Times change.

27 July 2006

minor peeve

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Our site is split into two buildings, the one where I work, and the one where they have the bigger foam cups. They’re like a 5 minute walk apart. WTF. I just want a big foam cup to get water with.

23 July 2006

thanking inanimate objects

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I remember reading back in the day an article on Alicia Silverstone (talk about falling off) and how she thanked her toilet paper after wiping, and thinking how fucking weird that was. I caught myself thanking an archived MANIFEST.MF file after I totally clobbered my current one. Now who’s the weird one. Sigh.

22 July 2006

Re: Heidi Klum

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“Heidi Klum is really freaking hot. I missed last night’s episode of Rescue Me, but I’ve liked the season so far.

Hey, have you been reading all these articles about how Ultimate Fighting is going to replace boxing? What do you think?”

My fav part of the show is the black guy reppin the ATL. Yeah, show those pretentious white people. Heidi Klum is also really hot.

MMA is definitely going to replace boxing in America. The marketing has really put it on the up and up. It’s this close to breaking into a more mainstream culture.

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