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27 September 2006

the mind of a software engineer

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All engineers do this; it’s just a matter of to what degree.

An engineer thinks about the world through the carefully crafted principles of his profession. A carpenter is bound to think of masonry or pottery in terms that he’s more familiar with. The turn-table becomes a lathe, etc etc. Well, a software engineer looks out for algorithms and specifications, interfaces and languages. It’s not easy for me to explain, because it’s fairly internalized. But here’s an example. Our security guards are contracted. It’d be kind of silly to have them employed by our company itself, better to have each local site strike a deal. Ours is with Wackenhut or something. Anyways, at some point today I realized that however our security operates, that policy must be agreed upon and understood by both our side and their side. But naturally come a lot of questions — how flexible is the policy? Does the contractor offer several plans, between which our management must choose? Is a policy developed from scratch to the vagaries of our company? Does the contractor have 1 fit-all policy? The overarching theme to these questions is — what practices, what interface between the two parties, achieves the optimal result?

If you’re not into programming or software engineering, I wonder if you can see how the questions naturally stem from concerns in my daily work. There’s that oft-trotted Chinese proverb, to understand one thing completely is to understand everything. I hope you can at least see how seriously and earnestly I take that philosophy.


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