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30 August 2006

a bird died today

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All jokes about Emo Girl and dead birds on the street aside, I’m pretty sad this morning.

Two days ago, I saw a young bird huddled under a bush while it was drizzling outside. Its feathers were waterlogged, so it couldn’t even keep warm. I doubt it was old enough to fly somewhere. I wondered where its mother was. I’d heard that if you touch a bird too much, its mother won’t take it back. So all I could do was get a paper bag with paper napkins in it and scoop up the bird, covering it up some from the rain and hopefully keeping it warmer. The next morning I saw that someone had taken my bag cover away, and the bird was sitting there still. I was pretty pissed but didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t going to take it inside and raise it. Not that that wouldn’t make me feel good, but it’s not natural, not what nature intends. So what if it got warm and survived a few days? What then? So I gritted my teeth and let it be. Hoping the rain would let up.

That night, I drove past a vet’s. This little city has one of everything, so I assume that one was the only one for miles. I took mental stock, but decided not to do anything. Same story — what’s the bird gonna do? The next morning, I walk outside and it’s lying there dead, feathers all askew and wet, no sign of life. It’s one of those things you don’t see a lot here in America, where everything is nice. Can’t imagine what it’d be like to see dying or starving people in other countries. I feel like there’d be a cost on one’s soul.

A bird died today, and surely some piece of me died with it.


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