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16 August 2006

primordial ooze redux

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One day I got nowhere with my Diet coke in a foam cup (one of the few minor job perks — free fountain drinks), and left it for a few days. The next time I checked on it, it was getting scummy, with clearly not Diet coke things growing in it. So I figured what the heck, let that civilization run its course. After a few weeks or so, I figured the whole mess would dry up and disappear, not really thinking about how if it wasn’t clear before, it wouldn’t dry up clear. But I finally did catch on today. I have what seems to be a solid brick of dehydrate Diet coke (plus exotic lifeforms) on the bottom. What am I gonna do with it?


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  1. When I was home, my sister left vinegar which she had put on her salad in my car. There it sat, barely noticed, in the freaking heat, until it started smelling terrible. For about four days, every time I drove the car, I noticed it, but chalked it up to me smelling. Then, we finally realized what it was. It smelled like death.

    Toss your Diet Coke.

    Comment by Not Sam — 22 August 2006 @ 2:31 pm

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