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8 August 2006

new car features

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The latest thing going on in my life, besides you know, tons of AZN drama or something, is my getting a car. Yeah, I know I already had one, but my parents think I should get my own new car. I agree. It’s hard not to be on their side. I’ve got the 2007 Camry Hybrid scoped out. Hybrid technology aside, the features that are an upgrade from my old car are:

  • electric lumbar support adjuster. This is nice. My back hurts a lot from sitting funny and programming a lot.
  • dual climate control. As if I’ll ever need this. Maybe when I get a really really needy gf. That’d be worse than the princess and the pea. “Hey I need my own climate zone separate from you.”
  • Smart key. I don’t really need a key to approach the car, and I get one of those kewl push buttons instead of a keyhole. This one is pretty convenient.
  • MP3 jack. Such a simple feature, but it’d be so nice to play my music. Instead of Lame Hip Hop Retreads 94.5.
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity. I’m on the fence. I just got a phone with Bluetooth, and I have made a few calls from my car in heavy traffic, but I’m not sure having hands free operation makes it safe to use a phone from my car.
  • soft suspension. On a test drive, this car just ate up the potholes. In my old car, driving around in the city made me feel like the wheels were going to break any minute. Or at least the tires would pop.

So eventually, I did get this car, and I’ll review it next.


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