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8 August 2006

behold…the zone of infinite mileage.

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Been driving the car for a few days now. After a bunch of wrangling, and walking away from the tablel, and the usual bitchery with the dealership, I got the car for an all-paid price of 27.5. It was a pretty good dea, but a terrible experiencel. Hopefully, the federal and state tax credits will still be around when I do taxes. That should save me quite a bit.

I’m pretty excited about the hybrid technology. I pay 40-50 on gas per week. This’ll definitely go down, but we’ll have to see by how much. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of getting the most fuel savings out of the car yet. There’s a handy indicator that shows when you’re driving on electric only, and of course, when you give me an inch to save money, I’ll penny-pinch by a mile. Picture me crawling out of every light trying to milk the electric motor for all it’s worth. Yeah when you drive that fuel-conservatively, the car is a total drag. No fun at all. Because the interface makes it blatantly obvious you’re wasting fuel. What a good design trick. Fuel efficiency by guilt-induction technology.


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