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20 July 2006

the reason

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is a terrible, yet terribly catchy Hoobastank song. Well, that’s out of the way.

Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to work. Today though, I got to sit in
on an all-day meeting between us and our research cohorts. There was a lot
of amazing technology shown off, and the discussion really solidified my understanding
of stuff…that I can’t give away. It was awesome — i thought during the meeting,
man, I’d give $100 to attend this thing, and I get to do it for free.
The intent behind that thought was blunted when I realized I earn more than $100 a day.
More than $200. So really, it wouldn’t have cost me that much.
Weird, $100 sure seems like a lot to me.

Listening to all these engineers, researchers, designers, talk about the absolute edge,
it’s definitely got me motivated again. Oh, and the part where I got called out for
being responsible for implementing a missing feature.

On a positive note, I met up with some people I already knew at research,
and hopefully I made a decent impression, and’ll be able to get a job there some day.
AFAIK, the pay is the same for the same class of position, but hey, research is way cool.


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