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8 July 2006

the 1 hour/dollar rule

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I was working out on the heavy bag downstairs and got tired pretty fast. A fairly unsatisfying workout. I was reminded of this internet anecdote, where one woman read an article online about protecting your rattan sticks. For context, you use rattan sticks for Filipino stick fighting, because wood tends to chip and shatter, instead of just splintering like bamboo or rattan. Anyways, she felt guilty that she hadn’t tried to store her sticks to keep them straight or clean. But then she realized that she always busted or wore out her sticks before they had time to warp. So the moral of the story is, you have to get your money’s worth. Or train hard and don’t be a pussy, or something like that.

I also noticed in my extended cool-off session that the leather on my gloves was starting to tear around the knuckles. Give it a few more sessions with uppercuts, and the gloves would be done. I quickly referred to my 1 hour/dollar rule, to see if the gloves had been worth it. The rule: if you buy something, it’s worth it when you’ve used or enjoyed it for as many hours as its cost in dollars. For example, these gloves were $38 or so. I’ve definitely put in that much time on the bag with them. So yeah, they were worth it. A restaurant meal? $18 or so. Well, I guess if you’re also providing company to a friend, and then you go back to your place and bang the hell out of said friend for a few hours. A computer? You better use it for a couple thousand hours to cash in. Sounds easy enough. A car? Hmmm, let’s say it’s 20K. No way, not gonna happen. Even if you always drove with 4 people, for 2 hours every workday, it’d take you 9 years to get your money’s worth. Is it sad that I had to use Calculator to do the math? A house? fugeddaboutit. Since I’m new to the world of durable goods (Vulcan mind meld back to civics/econ class), I’m not sure whether I can salvage my rule. A pleasant result would be that I conclude that the best things in life are cheap.


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