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6 July 2006


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Today I had a run-in with the real reason to listen to radio – traffic reports.

They announced a huge jam blocking the entry and exit onto the last highway I use to get to work. Apparently a propane truck had caught on fire and they shut down the road for a while. Well, I said, I need to find a detour. So I get off at the exit past the one I need onto a different highway. Lo and behold, everyone had apparently been listening to the radio, because there was a jam here as well. And then they reported so on the radio. Damn. And because they went back to playing that lame Ciara song, I flipped to another station. the reports on this one said that the accident had been cleared up, and the route opened up. Like 5 minutes after the other one had affirmed that it was closed. Bastards, get your news straight. So I crawl back down to my regular route and get on my way. Sure enough, there’s a gutted propane truck on the side of the road. The oncoming side of the highway had a huge curiosity delay, as they call it up here. I can understand, because that truck looked scary. I don’t even know where the back of it went. Either melted off or imploded. It was just burnt up and gone. I guess I’m glad I wasn’t around when that thing went off.

PS. Only hardcore fans will get the titular reference.


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