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30 June 2006

traffic pt. 2

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People always say that driving 65 and driving 80 on highways doesn’t make a big difference. That’s sort of true. On my commute, I should only expect to see a speed-up of 7 minutes. And probably waste a lot of gas. So it’s there, just not as much as doing 25 over the speed limit seems like it might. As for speeding that much, big deal. The cops don’t come out to nab the poor wage-slaves coming out in droves to work. Plus, there’s tons of cop cars on the shoulders with their lights flashing, protecting DOT teams doing repair and cleanup work. It sort of desensitizes you to the possibility of being pulled over. I mean, one day, there was a cop standing out beside his car shooting a radar gun up the hill at us, and I just went right by him at 80 as usual. You know how you really stop people from speeding? You put up crosses and a little memorial altar wherever someone dies in a brutal car accident. You can see that all over the South. Nothing like a cross to put fear of God into you. Oh wait, this is pagan country; it’ll never work.


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