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30 June 2006


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This is something that is really pissing me off. I’ve lived in NC a lot, and am quite proud of the state, despite constant bagging from friends and people in general.

You see people occasionally driving around with a white oval bumper sticker that says OBX, and you’re like, WTF is that?
That’s the ADD version. Anyways, OBX means you’ve visited the Outer Banks in North Carolina. HH and TI are also legit ones, standing for Hilton Head and Topsail Island, respectively.

It used to be the poser thing to do was to have one of those stickers even though you’d never been. Whatever. Now, though, the trend is pouring over into the general pop culture. For example, The same white oval sticker, but with like, a silhouette of a golden retriever. Or “Houston.” That’s bullshit. I want my exclusivity back. Which isn’t NC’s birthright anyways, since apparently the sticker phenomon came from Germany. Fuggin Chuck Norris.


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