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28 June 2006

drive to work

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I live in a big city in the Northeast. The roads are painfully designed and can’t support the driving demand around here. My work is out in the middle of nowhere, 35 miles away. Every morning is a 45min-1 hour drive for me. It sucks. But all along the way, I see a traffic jam going the other way. Every day on the radio, I hear reports of stop-and-go traffic along my route, but going into the city.

I waste 2 hours of my life every day on the road. But those people driving into the city, damn, what are they thinking? To live in the burbs and have no culture at all, and then to drive probably 2 hours each way or so into the city. They are clearly idiots.

Another interesting point: If I leave at 8:00, I get there at 8:50. 8:15, get there at 9:20. 8:30, I arrive at almost 10:00. If I wake up late, I don’t plan to leave until 10:30, so the traffic is all cleared up. I hope.


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  1. Suppp!! I figured out that I can plug my laptop into the internet today without anyone caring. Now I don’t have to use my slow machine to browse the web and check emails. Can this mean more productivity?? …at least more satisfaction.

    Yeah, I seriously think something needs to be done about all that traffic! BTW, those ppl commuting into the city are dumb for another reason – They can just park at a commuter rail stop and take the train which is faster and costs less (don’t pay gas). They live out of Boston because Boston is way to expensive (except for students or old frat guys).

    ..onto next post..


    Comment by Greenhut — 29 June 2006 @ 4:42 pm

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